Thursday, November 10, 2016

Mean girls

Okay, Ive been known as a girl with not much complaints. Known as a kind sweet girl to strangers, but it doesnt mean that no one ever be mean to me.

I dont think you will read this blog of mine, bitch.

One of the most people i couldnt stand, is mean people. Usually girls become mean out of jealousy.

When someone is mean.. either the person realized or dont realized it, it is the victim who feels things.

I dont know why, some girls ... strangers or , acquaintances not even friends... could ever be so mean to me...

I have no idea, why they hated me so much... i take it as jealousy.

They could bitch me in public for being nice to others...

I have this eery feeling or maybe fear everytime i see that (few) people. even thou she is now happily not more jealous of me and have something that they have been longing for.

Now these people could suddenly greet me without memory of being a bitch .

in the end... they were wondering why i do not want to be their friend anymore...

when they realize that i was hurt by their actions, they will kindly defense themselves for being ignorant and i was too sensitive.....

Yes, we sometimes meet wrong people.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Ketika Stress, lalu melantur

Stress itu membuat seseorang bisa melakukan hal hal yang cukup impulsive. Contoh nya saya, kemarin memborong sejumlah buku bacaan dikala stress tidak punya uang. Lalu akhirnya meluangkan waktu dari kesibukan untuk duduk diam dalam kedai  kopi jadul sambil membawa salah satu buku romantis bernuansa remaja. Saya tanpa sadar membaca sambil mesem mesem membayangkan saya di zaman .... .... 

well.. agak telat sih.. zaman kuliah... 

Si abang pelayan kopi sampe bingung melihat saya senyum senyum sendiri. 

Saat membaca buku ini, Saya berkesimpulan Ekonomi boleh pasang surut, tapi cinta tetap membara dong...

Kaya udah jatuh cinta aja... naksir orang jg gak... 

Entah kenapa banyak orang berkata sepertinya untuk menjadi pasangan saya seperti nya banyak syaratnya.. saya tidak pernah berpikir akan syarat ini Dan itu sih,... tapi ya! Saya pikir pikir sepertinya memang saya tidak terlalu berbuka pada orang yang memang saya ga suka/ terlalu berbeda dengan diri saya. Tapi yah mau gimana, saya juga berusaha lebih bisa banyak suka sama orang, tp kan ga bisa di paksa. 

Ada 5 categori pria dalam hidup.

1. Berteman aja males (karena biasanya sudah tau bakalan mau di jodohin/cowo nya suka tp saya ga suka/ ga napsuin)
2. Berteman tapi ada jarak (entah kenapa, ga da chemistry aja.. jadi bertemen aja distant)
3. Berteman menutup kemungkinan  (karena saya bisa suka, tapi jaga jarak, karena takut jatuh cinta, tidak boleh jatuh cinta, misalnya: dengan suami orang)
4. Berteman Dan membuka kemungkinan  (cowo kaya gini musti di pepet... dengan asumsi "siapa tau")
5. Saya naksir! 

Saya banyak menyesal di masa masa young adult.. saya banyak di khawatirkan untuk segera mencari pasangan untuk menikah. Bodoh bodoh bodoh sekali

Seharusnya saat saat itu saya bergembira berkawan dengan siapapun Tanpa berpikir mencari jodoh . Kasian saya sama diri saya di masa lalu. Kenapa saya begitu pusing Dan khawatir. Toh Sekarang juga masih single. Tp happy nya bukan main. 

Saya justru kasihan dengan sahabat sahabat yang sering sekali mengkategorikan kebahagiaan dengan "punya pacar".. dahulu, saya banyak terinfluence dengan teman2 seperti itu. Mereka tidak jahat, tapi saya menyesal mendengarkan dia / mereka. Sekarang saya menjauh dari mereka, mereka pun tidak mencari saya... saya rasa.. mereka banyak kompor2in saya utk cari pasangan hanya karena mereka sendiri tidak mau di lihat / di nasehati mengenai struggle/ kekurangan mereka... btw... "mereka" ini pria lho. 

Seharusnya saat ini saya bekerja, 

ya.. saya harus bekerja

met siang :) 


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Masa lalu

Paling senang kalau bisa berdamai dengan masa lalu . hampir Semua film menunjukkan pertempuran oleh dikarenakan seseorang atau banyak tidak dapat berdamai dengan masa lalu.

Terkadang bukan masalah karena diri tidak dapat berdamai. Tetapi ini memang hidup. Hidup itu penuh tantangan, dan tantangan terbesar dalam hidup biasa nya adalah untuk berteman dengan masa lalu. Karena masa lalu memang sudah hilang dan tidak ada, tapi jejak dan sisa nya sering kali jelas masih hidup di dalam diri seseorang.

 Saat ini, saya bisa dengan lantang berkata saya sangat bahagia, karena jejak masa lalu yang buruk buruk sudah betul betul samar dan bisa di katakan punah. Jujur tidak ada yang saya lakukan untuk menghilangkan nya , saya hanya mengakui, berdoa dan membalikkan pikiran. Tidak ada kata maaf yang terlontar atau apapun. Saya hanya fokus akan apa yang harus saya fokuskan. selebihnya urusan Tuhan.

agak ngeri untuk dapat membayangkan apa yang masa lalu dapat lakukan kepada masa depan seseorang. tapi memang tidak usah di pikirkan.

Saya berkeputusan untuk seolah olah memandang orang sebagai seseorang yang baru. sekalipun dia ada di masa lalu. masa lalu terkadang seperti mimpi buruk yang di ingat kan kembali oleh seorang kawan lama.

Setiap orang memiliki cerita, cerita memang perlu di ingat. Tapi orang pasti berubah. Ketika seseorang telah berubah, barulah cerita lama yang buruk itu menjadi indah. karena itu saya berkeputusan untuk melihat seseorang seolah olah sudah berubah, sekalipun dia belum mau berubah.


Monday, May 9, 2016

Kezia Bags

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your generosity for Kezia :).

And thank you for trusting us as the messenger to bless her,
As you know, i dont really know many of you who purchase the bags or make donations,
So I write down the lists of donators with name initials and the amount donated.

The list would be continued

Please message us if you don't see your name initial / date / amount transferred

We are really overwhelmed by the fact that 90% of the donators are strangers to Kezia. and 20% donators are stranger to us.

By that fact, I believe there are still many people in the world whose heart made of gold  who seek to give and to love others without anything in return.

Your love for strangers will be rewarded greatly from the above.


 (from May 3rd - 9th)

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

Today is Christmas day, I have wrapped up all parties on the 24th, so i am enjoying my quietness today alone at home with my sweet coffee.

I havent been writing since 2012. or since we all have the app called Instagram to be exact. Picture does represent a thousand words.

I do miss writing :). i am not actually a very good writer. i am a moody writer. I could only write when i am on the mood of writing.

I did write a lot when i was in college. and i stupidly wrote it all in multiply. didnt even store anything on document files. now it alllll gonnneeeee....

Usually we all do 2 things to welcome a new year.

1. review the previous year
2. planning the new year.

today i am in the mood to write for my new year. and a lil bit of what i feel on 2015

I have so much plan to do in my head. but i havent write it down in a blueprint. it is hard ey... to write your head on a paper.

this year is the very first year, i feel very much at rest... its like.. one of the most remarkable year . i feel so much at ease and peace about myself and my life. and I think i have become the person I always wanted to become. i am loved. I am very blessed.

i dont know whats gonna happen on 2016. He says that 2016 is the year of restoration. but i will not bombarded my faith anymore like i used to do. coz i am very easy to loose my faith everytime people has mean comments to me. so i better shut up and enjoy my life.

This blog will be a private blog... i will have to consistently do another blog for my boncinno children wear brand

i literally have no idea on what to write on the blog.

so ... :)

Merry Christmas

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I louvre Jcrew style

I am loving J Crew... I WOULD LOVE TO WEAR ALLLLLLLL of itttt!!!!! AMAIZING!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Tibi Love

I am so in love with this NY brand.. and the story on how they started is just very inspiring.. Me love TIBI.. I would love to wear it everyday.. :):) monday - Sunday. I will have something to wear from it.

I seriously considering of goin on apparel business once im done with my work in financial industry.. I can't do it both at the same time.. Ive done it and it doesnt work out .. haha.. i need to gather a lot a lot of money to build my own brand mother says that I am very idealistic.. I dont really want to sell any clothes which doesnt reflect me or my designs.. my mother says business doesnt work that way.. we must listen to customer and sell what they want to buy... its trueee... but .... i have to stick with my principalities to a certain degree somehow.. I cant follow what people say all the time.. I must follow where my heart and faith goes..

hauehaueahuae... if u know the story 'CHasing the donkey" from the bible .. i consider and encourage my self that I AM chasing the donkey.. hoorraayy...

here are some sketches from tibi... if u wanna check the brand.. check out