Monday, February 6, 2017

2nd lesson - coursecalled - the why before the what

I really really praise the Lord, i didnt realize that I got His answer straightaway after listening to only 2 lessons. I really thank God that despite all my sins and imperfections, He still talks to me and directs my heart and let me know His calling in my life.

I am called to be in childrenwear industry, i have big dreams and desire in the industry. and yes i should take my time and build my value...

I was really thinking what should i do in this work for my ministry? this verse I got from Him

1 Peter 4:10-11New International Version (NIV)

10 Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. 11 If anyone speaks, they should do so as one who speaks the very words of God. If anyone serves, they should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To him be the glory and the power for ever and ever. Amen.

I have no idea whats gonna happen, but i am really so excited to know that whatever im doing in Boncinno right now is gonna glorify God. i really dont wanna be always intimidated over life and over what people is saying or questionning about me. yes!!! He has ordained me for a special purpose. and i am so grateful to it. 
i have a verse of saying to leave my country etc. it might be my calling is gonna take off internationally. because this is how God is gonna show off His love and power. locally would have been really great, but internationally is gonna be even so much greater. I really need His guidance. 
The thing about my work is that I dont want to build productions on my own, its not just tiring, its too much teenee tiny details that i need to work on, that makes me lose track and focus on the concept, big picture aspects of my brand / the industry, but again... i am doing it now, starting small, do it faithfully... 
As per now, i wanna build my customer base as the most friendly and nice, very loving personal customer service brand. because I know every mothers choose carefully for their children. 
Dear God, thank You so much for your love and care for me. i am trully undeserving.. none of it i deserve... even You have a glimpse of thought of me would be so amazing. but You care every detail of my heart desire and vocation... Thank YOU. 

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Purpose in Life - calledcourse - lesson 1

Purpose in Life

We have a general calling as a believer and specific calling in our life.

1. i have a call to live a holy life (1 thessalonians 4:7)
2. I have a call to know Jesus intimately
3. I have a call to forgive when we have been treated unfairly.
4. I have a call to live in freedom (gal 5:13)
5. To serve one another

I have a special specific calling in my life. And He will prepare the way for me. only I can walk the paths He lays out for me.

My calling is isnt about me. It is to established me in a strategic position for the sake of serving those around you in a powerful way to build God's kingdom.

Calling is not just for those who works for ministry. some people are called to be a consultant, and IT programmer, an accountant, and some are ministers.

When we live in our calling, we are not benefitting only for ourselves, but we glorify the Lord, His love and presence will always be with me and powerfully impacting so many lifes.

I am created on purpose for a purpose to do something.

but I need to know my primary identity

My primary identity is : I am a servant

if we dont have our primary identity, our calling will destroy us.

"what we do for ourselves dies with us, what we do for others is immortal" .


1. How does knowing that everyone has a calling, not just pastors and ministers, change the way you approach life?

I know about it, thats why im trying to learn to find out whats my specific calling in God.

2. Why is your primary identity to be a servant, regardless of the specific calling God gives you?
the opposite of a servant is a boss. if i have a bossy heart, or even a bossy attitude, how can my calling impacting others? it would be all about me. and the way i want it to be. and these ego and pride not just gonna destroy our calling and the main purpose of God's calling but also towards ourselves.

3. Why is the connection between identity and calling so important?
I cant build something big if myself is so limited

4. What has God already told you about your specific calling?
i am not so sure on this. but what i know , i am fruitful in business as a childrenwear fashion business entrepreneur.

5. What steps are you taking to walk or grow in your specific calling?
i dont know,  if its impactful towards others... im not sure about what i hear from God

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Vision 2017 sermon


If we look back 2016, have it been a better year than before in terms of personal life improvements?
Did your plans/goals/resolution for 2016 that you made at the beginning of 2016 all fulfilled?

Every year God has amazing plans for us. 
In Jeremiah 29:11 God said that His plan is always to prosper us and not to harm us.
Prosperity in here includes all aspects: spiritual, emotional and physical
But you should know that the principals is the spiritual always rule over the physical. Not vice versa.
Thats why God always first care about our relationship with Him above all else and we should too.

If you want to be more productive, more fruitful, more successful, more patient, more loving, more everything except the fat. And less stressful, less weight, less worry, less lazy, etc
The key is the relationship with God.

When we focus on this one thing every morning, your life will be different. And it will be almost effortless because God’s power will work in & through you.

This is exactly what David did throughout his life. If there is one thing about him that we ought to learn is this: he was a man after God’s own heart. And in Psalm 1 is his life principle, his main activity everyday

Lets learn what David wrote here and I pray that all of us here made this the priority for 2017.
And we’ll also pray for more specific directions.

Go through Psalm 1.
V3 is the vision. Verse 1 & 2 are the steps.
If you follow the process of verse 1 & 2, at the end of 2017 this is exactly what you're gonna be like.
So simple. Its not 100 things to do. Not even 10. God's way is actually so simple.
Just by following these simple steps and you’ll get to the point where you will be prosperous in all you do.

David went from a shepherd boy to became one of the greatest king in history and even Jesus was born in his line of descendant.
So now you can be sure that it does not matter where you start from, if you just follow these steps, you’ll arrive at the highest point of your life.
You’ll be able to make the best of 2017 and it will be the best year so far. 
Why? Because Words of God is powerful. If you truly follow these steps, you’ll be transformed.

Here are the steps
Identify & Filter negative sources out of your life: 
- Wicked => someone who walking away from God.
Example: someone said don't be too serious become christian, you will become poor. Even though this advice was given with good intentions but don't listen. Maybe that person thought he was giving a good advice for you. Because we love him, we show appreciation for his good intentions. But don’t let that advice take root in your heart.
"Never anyone walk outside of God plans and find a better way or more suitable than God's plans”
Someone told me: yeah following God is good but its hard, its not fun, etc
“God’s will is always Good, Pleasing & Perfect” Romans 12:2
Identify these negative thoughts, probably these are the very things that has been a hindrance to our growth.
“You can’t do it”, “You’ll fail”, “What if you fail”, etc

- Sinners => everyone are or were sinners but this means the patterns that produces sin “Do not stand on their path”. We should not imitate their ways, don’t even get involved in their “circle”
- mockers => despising instructions, mock leaders, tend to look down at others. Gossiping others. Don’t waste time spending time with them.

There’s a saying, "if you want to know what a person’s future like, you can see from his friends”
If you spend time with people overtime you will be influenced with them. Their thoughts became your thoughts, their values became your values. So change any negative community to godly community. 
Brothers and sisters, I’m not teaching you to leave this world and go live in the mountains where there is no one there. God teaches us to love sinners but hate sin. We must make friends with people to be able to influence them with God’s love. But we also need to minimize the negative influences from the world and surround our lives with people that has positive influence to us.

What if these people are our own relative or family members? 
Ask for God’s wisdom. Keep good relationships and appreciate their good intentions and show them love, but make decision in your heart that you will not be influenced. God will definitely help you.

V2 Prioritize to experience Christ daily.
Delight => The Relationship. The affection, the WHY
Meditate day and night => The ritual/activities, the WHAT

The WHY is always above the WHAT.
The WHY have both rational or irrational. Actually, the irrational will play much more important role than the rational in terms of to keep you going. Illustration: Piano player. => Both the end result & the love for playing piano, but mostly because of the love for piano.

For most people when you are given a set of rules and regulation, you’re either just okay with it or dislike it.
But almost no one will delight like David, celebrate it. This is irrational. How come? Because he found the WHY.
He found God’s heart of WHY God gave the law. He was known to be a man after God’s heart. He was known to be the man who dwells in God’s presence day by day.
There he found God’s very heart. The feeling and power inside God’s presence is something beyond words can explain.

And being / dwelling in God’s presence my brothers and sisters, is the most important for us. Its our true habitat as God’s children.
Its not something like bursts. But it should be like a process that takes us deeper and deeper rooted in God.
You may study bible and becomes very knowledgable but if you don’t have relationship with God in your heart, you’ll be just like another Pharisee.
So the WHY, the Delight, the Relationship is very important and it has to be the first aim everyday.

The WHAT / the Activity: Meditating day and night
The first thing is Daily Devotion. We have thought the WINNS system to you before so please look over them again

Meditating day and night is talking about consistency. Its talking about activities based on Words of God.
Its talking about small steps that we must take daily. Know when to work and Know when to rest

But now I want to tell you a story to illustrate this truth: The 20 Mile March. Amundsen & Scott
Sometimes there are bursts in life. Like catching up for the exam or there is a big project or overtime work. But it should be only 10-20% of the time, not all the time. Such as once a week.
Otherwise that means lack of resource management.
The rest of the time should be well planned and in consistent progression.
Remember: More work does not always mean more results.

Work with accuracy/effective and rest in a balanced way, will produce a much greater results.

Example: Commit how many hours a week for this or that. Make the schedule and count the hours. 
Then test the schedule, evaluate, and revise until you find the best fit.
Do not commit to too many things. Focus on the most essential things in life. 
How do we decide?
- According to Word of God and according God’s vision & gifts in your life. You don’t have to be able to do everything. Do the best on your part & trust God for the rest.
- Counsel from trusted mature godly people who knows your life (you must be open about your life)

By Zenko

Friday, December 30, 2016

Teach me how to pray

Teach me how to pray.

Our God, The Father who owns the heaven is a person. He is here as a person with us in form of the holy spirit.

praying for me is like finding Him and fellowshipping. Sharing my heart to Him, knowing He is there to listen and understand my heart.

One verse that gives me confidence in finding Him, is "draw near to me and I will draw near to you". I am lazy to finding Him feeling afraid that He will tell me that I am wrong here . and wrong there. but as i read more in the bible... He is not like that. He is not a father we all see in this world. He is a father who loves us. His love cant be comprehend with our human mind.

He is a father we never have. even if you have a perfect father, your human dad is just a glimpsed of who HE is.

Bible says "psalm27:10 : though my Father and Mother forsake me, He took me in".

I dont know who you are reading my blog. but i can assure you... that He wants to take you in, as His child. He loves you, and He has what is best for you, you can ask HIm, might not be what you want ... but you can trust HIm..

I have walked with Jesus for past 15 years. i have sets of disappointments of not getting what i want in life. but I said to Him, that I will still walk with Him and trust Him no matter what happened in life. I realize every "short-term" dissapointments turns out to be for my good ... and now i'm 31 years old. theres none of my dissapointment journeys actually is a dissapointment. All of it turns out to be for my good and my benefit... I can only see all this backward... and so thankful to HIm.

and the greatest thing is, all of it.... makes me understand Him even more... knowing Him as a father.. whom i cant see ... but i can feel and know His love for me.

the journey of my walk with God is the realization of this verse
Romans 8:28 "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."

And through all the bad journeys... I can see His trails of His protections... never once He forsake me. WHen i shouted that He is not helping me. When i threatened Him to leave HIm. WHen i cursed HIm in my heart. None of the above bothering Him or keeping HIm from loving me.. 

How can I not be thankful to Him. 

Friends, He is a real God... He is a real Father... If He loves me, He loves you too.... 

what we need to do is to welcome HIm... no matter how dirty we are.. maybe we are addicted to pornography, or drugs... or sex.. or alcohol... we can come to Him and ask Him for help. 

Jesus taught us the prayer "our father in heaven" as the first sentence in the Lords prayer. now I understand why He put that sentence at the beginning of the prayer.

Everytime, i wanna talk to someone i love or i care, I will call his / her name with gentle heart and voice.. asking him to come and listen to me.

and that is Him. He listens.. He loves... and He also disciplines.. discipline could be painful... but discipline will guide our life.. to gain understanding could cost our life (proverbs 4)... but only understanding coud guide our life...

So come to Him. He is there for you.. with you... and never forsake you

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Mean girls

Okay, Ive been known as a girl with not much complaints. Known as a kind sweet girl to strangers, but it doesnt mean that no one ever be mean to me.

I dont think you will read this blog of mine, bitch.

One of the most people i couldnt stand, is mean people. Usually girls become mean out of jealousy.

When someone is mean.. either the person realized or dont realized it, it is the victim who feels things.

I dont know why, some girls ... strangers or , acquaintances not even friends... could ever be so mean to me...

I have no idea, why they hated me so much... i take it as jealousy.

They could bitch me in public for being nice to others...

I have this eery feeling or maybe fear everytime i see that (few) people. even thou she is now happily not more jealous of me and have something that they have been longing for.

Now these people could suddenly greet me without memory of being a bitch .

in the end... they were wondering why i do not want to be their friend anymore...

when they realize that i was hurt by their actions, they will kindly defense themselves for being ignorant and i was too sensitive.....

Yes, we sometimes meet wrong people.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Masa lalu

Paling senang kalau bisa berdamai dengan masa lalu . hampir Semua film menunjukkan pertempuran oleh dikarenakan seseorang atau banyak tidak dapat berdamai dengan masa lalu.

Terkadang bukan masalah karena diri tidak dapat berdamai. Tetapi ini memang hidup. Hidup itu penuh tantangan, dan tantangan terbesar dalam hidup biasa nya adalah untuk berteman dengan masa lalu. Karena masa lalu memang sudah hilang dan tidak ada, tapi jejak dan sisa nya sering kali jelas masih hidup di dalam diri seseorang.

 Saat ini, saya bisa dengan lantang berkata saya sangat bahagia, karena jejak masa lalu yang buruk buruk sudah betul betul samar dan bisa di katakan punah. Jujur tidak ada yang saya lakukan untuk menghilangkan nya , saya hanya mengakui, berdoa dan membalikkan pikiran. Tidak ada kata maaf yang terlontar atau apapun. Saya hanya fokus akan apa yang harus saya fokuskan. selebihnya urusan Tuhan.

agak ngeri untuk dapat membayangkan apa yang masa lalu dapat lakukan kepada masa depan seseorang. tapi memang tidak usah di pikirkan.

Saya berkeputusan untuk seolah olah memandang orang sebagai seseorang yang baru. sekalipun dia ada di masa lalu. masa lalu terkadang seperti mimpi buruk yang di ingat kan kembali oleh seorang kawan lama.

Setiap orang memiliki cerita, cerita memang perlu di ingat. Tapi orang pasti berubah. Ketika seseorang telah berubah, barulah cerita lama yang buruk itu menjadi indah. karena itu saya berkeputusan untuk melihat seseorang seolah olah sudah berubah, sekalipun dia belum mau berubah.


Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

Today is Christmas day, I have wrapped up all parties on the 24th, so i am enjoying my quietness today alone at home with my sweet coffee.

I havent been writing since 2012. or since we all have the app called Instagram to be exact. Picture does represent a thousand words.

I do miss writing :). i am not actually a very good writer. i am a moody writer. I could only write when i am on the mood of writing.

I did write a lot when i was in college. and i stupidly wrote it all in multiply. didnt even store anything on document files. now it alllll gonnneeeee....

Usually we all do 2 things to welcome a new year.

1. review the previous year
2. planning the new year.

today i am in the mood to write for my new year. and a lil bit of what i feel on 2015

I have so much plan to do in my head. but i havent write it down in a blueprint. it is hard ey... to write your head on a paper.

this year is the very first year, i feel very much at rest... its like.. one of the most remarkable year . i feel so much at ease and peace about myself and my life. and I think i have become the person I always wanted to become. i am loved. I am very blessed.

i dont know whats gonna happen on 2016. He says that 2016 is the year of restoration. but i will not bombarded my faith anymore like i used to do. coz i am very easy to loose my faith everytime people has mean comments to me. so i better shut up and enjoy my life.

This blog will be a private blog... i will have to consistently do another blog for my boncinno children wear brand

i literally have no idea on what to write on the blog.

so ... :)

Merry Christmas